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All, I had found this site a long time ago and have been deriving good advice from it ever since. Am requesting advisement on investment opportunities for my 401k. Currently, I have many large cap funds and would like to pare them down some. My choices were driven either by investment firm managers I was following, or by lucrative dividends and income potential, or by my affinity for new funds. Some funds I have had for years; others, not very long. Some I maintain a toe hold in; others carry a more significant balance. In short, I need advice on how to consolidate across the board so that my portfolio becomes more focused. (My 401k is a Fidelity Brokerage Account.) All comments, please. Thank you in advance for your help. My current holdings are: AVEDX, BUFDX, CHDEX, DGAGX, EPCNX, FSDIX, GABAX, GABEX, GEVSX, LCEIX, MDFSX, PRBLX, SDVSX, SOPAX, STRAX, TOCQX, YAFFX.


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  • Hi Puddnhead,

    Thanks for stopping by and making comment in the open thread ... "What are you buying, selling or Pondering? It is much appreciated.

    In order to better access your 401k portfolio how much (percent wise) do you hold in each or the above funds including cash? After knowing this I will do a brief study.


    January 2016