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  • Hi DavidV: In reading your recent post you might have Old_Joe and myself confused. Perhaps, you are remembering reading one of my recent post. I have swithched to a 20% cash, 40% fixed and 40% equity asset allocation within the past quarter. The reason for doing this is multi faceted. One is because of my age as I am now in my early 70's; and, two is bacuse I'm thinking this stock rally is getting long in the tooth. Holding 20% in cash gives me ample cash reserves, the 40% in income generating securities provides ample income; and, the 40% invested in equites is split about 20% value and dividend income holdings while the other 20% is invested in growth type holdings which should allow my portfolio to have some growth over time to offset inflation.

    I hope this information is helpful.


    February 2019
  • Hi DavidV,

    Thanks for stopping by and recently making comment under the thread What Are You Buying Selling or Pondering?

    January 2016