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  • @Michaelt, Sam Perez told me TBO stands for The Barlow (Organization or something like that) but yes if there is no connection to HMC Trading where we sent the funds to (were told to send it to by TBO and I have the email proof) then I don't know what to say; I was hoping Sam Perez would mention custodian but maybe TBO is using different custodians for each of their "Fraudelent" businesses. Maybe in 2019 they used a different custodian;
    January 11
  • hi, was looking to get access to the private board for TBO Capital victims. as i lost 80k+ to them, and wanted to see what i can contribute and/or join the list of people of victims to see what we all can come up with to go after them if at all possible.
    December 2022
  • @michaelt, Dale_S said his FBI agent in Denver doesn't want all of us contacting him and that FBI denver only has authority in Denver but if I understand correctly has contacted FBI in other states.
    November 2022
  • @Michaelt - Morgan and Morgan didn't work for me under Business contract dispute nor Securities and Fraud categories; they didn't take my case and didn't explain why just said sorry we can't take the case.
    November 2022
  • @michaelt - I think you are right because when I contact them before the suggestion on the board, I was told they can't take the case/cant help me; They did ask if I had a signed contract and I did tell them they are in NY address; I don't have proof of my contract I signed online. I contacted them again now and see what happens; I might get a different person.
    November 2022
  • Teresa, what additional information do you need to allow me access to the TBO victim forum? Please respond directly here or you can email me at [email protected] Thanks!
    November 2022
  • Hello I have a case # when I filed with IC3/FBI; Here it is from the email confirmation: I have not talked to anyone at FBI though, nobody called me from FBI either.

    FBI/IC3 case #: I1301091147325392
    November 2022
  • I sent wires to HMC Trading at Wells Fargo bank at address: 420 Montgomery, SF
    The beneficiary bank is also wells fargo at: 247 E. 86th street, NY, NY
    Account #: 3635383197
    Swift#: WFBIUS6SXXX
    ABA#: 121000248
    October 2022
  • Hi, yes Michael55 I will call NY police if helps to let them know it's a group of people; I am sure there will be alot more ; Also name Darius Karpavicius could be fake name? I did find him on linkedin as a IT SEcurity analyst in Lithuania but we don't know if Darius is fake name or not but if has to cash the funds wired to HMC Trading then it's him no doubt;

    Yes I agree we should create a group of email addresses for scammed victims of TBO Capital Group/HMC Trading LLC in case this site goes down;

    Also I contacted this agency named CNC Intelligence Inc for Cypberfraud, digital fraud, etc. They said they can find end person behind the scam and inform us; Their website is and their # is (202-519-9380) located in Orem, Utah; They asked for $5500 from me to do the work of tracing the wire to bank to other bank accounts.

    I just need someone to vet them because we don't want to be scammed again if u know what I mean.
    October 2022