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  • hey, scott: as you like ecolab, i thought you might also like this ecolab write up that appeared on seeking alpha today. if i didn't think it'd go lower w/ the rest of the market, i'd be a buyer!
    January 2016
  • Hi Scott,

    I wanted you to know your post have been missed especially your thread that you would open form time-to-time on "What Are You Buying, Selling or Pndering?" I'd like to see this thread continued because it was a great thread that seemed to engerize the board. If you need or desire to be away from the board now for some reason unknown to me ... I'd like your blessing to reopen this thread from time-to-time letting all know that I was not stealing your thunder ... but, continuning the thread. Perhaps your time allocation just does not currently allow you to be active. Whatever, you'd like me to say.

    My first choice is for you to return and continue the thread. If that is not possible, I'd like to see the thread somehow restored.

    Please let me know how you wish this handled.

    Thank you.
    January 2016
  • little5bee
    @scott Costco is great for rental cars...unbeatable pricing. We just got back from New England and rented a midsize car for 10 days at the Portland, ME airport for $168. I get a family discount at Enterprise, since one of my sons works for them, and Costco beat that price. Last summer, we went on a month long road trip to Canadian Rockies and Pacific Northwest and saved $900 on the car by renting through Costco. We travel a lot, so between rental cars, vitamins, and eye exams, the Costco membership pays for itself. I wish the travel destinations weren't so limited....those deals are probably great, as well.

    I got a year of Prime a couple years ago at a discount and found we didn't use it that much, so I let it go. I am quite organized, so my bf and I place our orders together to get the free shipping. I mostly use Amazon for specific items that I don't feel like driving everywhere to find.
    September 2015