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  • rono
    Howdy folks,

    Help me out. I have always heard bad things about these folks. I don't know but it's been sufficiently pervasive over the past 50 years for me to avoid them like the plague.


    And so it goes

    Peace and Flatten the Curve

    April 2020
  • Curious if anyone has heard anything on Plumb Funds? PLBBX & PLBEX
    December 2019
  • Once it is posted, hopefully others will start posting. Possibly, one of the Boards founding members will hopefully lock in once it starts rolling.
    September 2016
  • TheGainTrain
    Sounds good - I've created this forum for posting... how can we let people know?
    September 2016
  • TheGainTrain
    Hey - I've seen some gains already posted (American Funds, Russell, etc.)... should we set up a thread again for 2016 estimates?
    September 2016
  • TheGainTrain
    Sounds good, just let me know. Happy to share what I've found in whatever the easiest forum might be...
    September 2015
  • TheGainTrain
    Hey, are we going to aggregate capital gains information again this year on a thread? I've already found some estimates coming in (Russell, Franklin Templeton equities, AMG, Pioneer, etc.) and thought we all did a great job of sharing this info last year...

    What do you think?
    September 2015