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  • heezsafe: Boy, I'm just reading your message today, of May, on 7-8. Sorry! I'm obviously not in the habit of checking these!

    As for the fund, I keep checking availability at brokerages, but as yet don't see any of them providing it. According to my DL contact, this process was being "expedited."

    Otherwise, it has moved down on my purchase list because I've found some other "hidden gems" in the micro cap and mid-cap space, some of which I've bought (but none of them infrastructure obviously). Also, there isn't any new info about BIDLX at DL.

    Glad that you're looking forward to it. I've been buying a little more of GLFOX and will be urging them to put MIC in their portfolio, having prepared a question for them about it in their next call.


    July 2016
    • heezsafe
      No problem. Unlike private messages posted to profiles, I not so sure that notifications are always generated for public messages posted, so you may not have gotten a heads-up I was here.

      As for the infrastructure income fund, I've basically arrived at the same place you are at with it. Two weeks ago, when I was slipping some more into the EM bond fund by phone, I asked the transfer agent about BILDX/BILTX: had they been briefed about it so she could discuss it with customers? had they changed their minds about offering the N shares by direct sale? where were things at? She told me she hadn't missed a day in a month and was sure none of the other customer agents knew anything about it either. Then, she looked up what was in the system and said, "Well, it's here, but not only are we not authorized to sell N shares yet, but we can't sell the institutional shares yet either. But in any case it wouldn't matter, because the fund hasn't been registered for sale in Nevada yet either." Soooo, good news (N shares had been set up for eventual sale in their system) and bad news (not ready for prime time). Then, on the following Monday, the perfunctory webpage appears, and I see the DL application for regular accounts had been updated to include the fund as part of their collection, as if it were to be considered just like any other.

      Consequently, I don't know why the introduction of this fund has been so atypical, but sometimes, well, as you know, sometimes a difference is meaningful. There could be many reasons for it, but it has compelled me to step back and ask, "so, interesting as it may be, is there a good reason to hurry this investment along?" I suspect you'd agree there is not. And if they aren't gonna toot their horn about it, then perhaps we should not either, by slamming money into it before they do. Maybe it would be more prudent to give it the summer, get some performance and a sense of its "dynamics", and look at their first portfolio before committing? Until DL gets their act together better, I am disinclined to put anything more than we have about this fund on the main discussion board, if only 'cause I don't think DL at this point deserves anything more.