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ANALysis says Equity Allocation = 66%


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  • I Did Pay Transaction Fees On TRXIX & CCAPX
    April 2018
  • I feel the same as you do. Still have not done anything but learning what worked in the past for other MFO posters, hank, for example.
    September 2017
  • ANALysis says Equity Allocation = 66%
    March 2017
  • Hi VintageFreak,

    Thanks for stopping by recently and making comment in the open thread ..."What are you buying, selling or pondering?" It is much appreciated.

    January 2016
  • In the last 40 years until this year the only time you really did not want to own this fund is 1999. It that year it did not own tech and losta few % while the S+P soared(
    November 2015
  • Hey, big guy!

    If you recall a bit more detail about the prospect of some impropriety between Columbia and Wall Street, would you let me know? I'm unaware of anything (that's not unusual) and didn't have any noticeable luck tracking down any leads.

    Curious, as ever,

    October 2015
    • VintageFreak
      Sorry, just saw this. Charles Ferguson's inside job has details. I forget the name of the professor, but he stops the interview just after Charles asks him the tough questions...
  • Equity Trading Model Allocation: 0%
    September 2015