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  • Hi Charles, sma3 posted a question in the Discussion below on MaxDD % versus those obtained from M*. I understand that MFO data are derived from Lipper. You are better suited to address his question than I can. Would you please answer his question? Thank you
    October 2020
  • Hi Charles, I really enjoyed your article " San Francisco Treat"- regarding- IOFIX . Can you elaborate on why >" The fund’s core strategy may have a limited time horizon. Perhaps a handful more years. Maybe less" .
    FYI Schwab is showing IOFIX with no load at 100K initial investment .
    January 2020
  • Hi Charles, I support managements closing of threads they deems not to be in the best interest of MFO.

    Some have started a campaign (some senior posters) seeking support of their posting activity.

    I'm thinking they are missing the purpose of the board is to help investors seek out good quality to funds to invest in along with some strategies, etc. Not post that bash the President of our Country. I'm sure he had his reasons to govern as he did as did President Kennedy during the Cuban missile conflict. There will be some things that the average citizen will never know about in dealings with foreign leaders.

    Thank you again in closing the subject Treason thread. For my perspective it was fully warranted.

    July 2018
  • How do you get IOFIX without a fee?
    April 2018