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  • Over the last few weeks I added a sizable position of PKSAX in my retirement account. From my screens it is one of the few equity funds that held up very well in both bear markets of March 2020 and the current one. Long term performance is also qu…
  • Been watching these races all week long and I couldn’t be happier… Sanity, decency, democracy and individual rights all win. The last couple of months There has been this awful sense of foreboding that it was all going to come crashing down. I hav…
  • Yeah but it’s move just started yesterday really. Still a good price I think. Giroux was recommending NXPI at $161. Earnings are coming up in next week or so so we’ll see. A lot of negativity baked in. Of course this is just my opinion … not a …
  • Over the last week I have purchased INTC and NXPI. A more contrarian call. Giroux is quite high on NXPI.
  • I liked Lynn’s article on this topic… concerning thing to me Is that a number of these didn’t do well the prior few years.
  • @Sven thanks for sharing that. Would you be willing to share which alternatives you are allocating to and stable value funds?
  • Incredibly helpful info @yogibearbull. Thx so much for sharing. Managed futures looks enticing but worried that this year is a blip… Where are others hiding out in this market? I’m at about 50% cash and money markets.
  • That’s a very informative letter. Thanks so much for sharing it. Glad to see that Giroux sees value in IT….
  • He’s not going anywhere
    in GQHPX Comment by MikeW August 23
  • Folks can we please try to turn down the volume here. I come here as do most others to engage in thoughtful investment discussions, not to deal with political vitriol. If you don’t like her political or social views then don’t invest in the fund. …
  • @BenWP yes NEAIX is a very interesting one. Sold off a fair amount earlier this year but Great Owl and top decile performer over last 3 and 5 years. It's coming back. I'm also intrigued by BRSVX in small cap value. Held up very well this year.
  • I was able to purchase this in my 401K account. Unfortunately it is not available through Schwab and others
  • $100 minimum
  • No there is an investor class for the fund. Available no load from Schwab …PKSAX
  • Thanks to everyone for your posts and for your suggestions above. Greatly appreciate it. I spent the weekend analyzing a number of funds and Virtus KAR Small Cap core seems to have the best risk reward stats in the small cap space. It's a Great Ow…
  • Thanks @yogibearbull. I should clarify. I'm looking at active mutual funds rather ETFs as that is the only option I have in my 401K. very interested in any suggestions there. thanks!
  • Bringing this discussion back up for everyone. I would really value hearing what everyone's favorite small cap funds are. WAMCX was my primary holding in small cap for several years but it got crushed in the market selloff over the last year. I'…
  • Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts and what you’re considering buying. Especially appreciate your detailed breakdown @wabac. Very thoughtful portfolio. In the last week I have added a 5% position in SPY and a 5% position in MOAT.
  • @yogibearbull thanks for sharing info on refiners. is there a reason you invested in IYE instead of XLE? XLE has outperformed over the long term.
    in OIL Comment by MikeW June 7
  • Thanks for posting this! I thought his comments on Amazon were the most telling. He really slammed the company for lack of performance on the e-commerce side and also for lacking disclosure. @Hank @Observant1 if you are aware Of any other recent i…
  • I bought some CIBR earlier in the week. Smaller position. I’m already underwater. Kind of feel like I should do the exact opposite of what I end up doing in this market… like George Costanza
  • @finder yes I’ve been watching that one too. That one has also done quite well but only been around for a year or two. A stronger tilt towards value than GQEPX. Also small asset base. I’m more inclined to select GQEPX because I think Jain will mov…
  • Take a look at managed by Rajiv Jain. It’s a large cap blend fund which has navigated this year incredibly well. I believe he uses active hedging strategies. @Lewisbraham mentioned it a few weeks…
  • I thought this was an interesting post today: Chart of the Day Today’s Chart of the Day was shared by Shane Murphy (@murphycharts). It's a daily candlestick of the Energy sector over the past six years. The Energy sector is up more than 35% year-…
  • here are the top holdings of PRWCX as of 2/28/22. I believe that BD is the only new company in the top 10. So if he's making changes in the portfolio its outside the top 10. Alphabet's % of the overall portfolio has decreased. Top 10 Holdings (…
  • Hey @Hank. Funny that you Mention DODEX because I was just looking at that too. EM has underperformed for so long that it seems there should be some opportunities there. I really like the D&C thoughtful approach too. Plus it doesn’t have th…
  • Foreign large cap growth on the other hand has truly experienced pain. I’m talking more about foreign value.
  • Yep you’re right Ben. I guess my point is that a lot of investor funds have been pouring into Europe and it’s significantly outperforming US over last few months. I don’t think they’ve experienced the blood in the streets yet. I think that shoe h…
  • Vanguard core intl is a fairly new Wellington managed fund
  • All good recommendations. I would also take a look at Vanguard core international and YAFFX or YACKX which are really global funds if you look at their portfolios. I also think that DFIV and EWU look interesting because of their sector makeup and …
  • Thanks Hank. A good interview also with Ed Yardeni on Wealthtrack who is alot more positive. Richard Bernstein is more middle of the road and favors energy and consumer staples. Always good to see different opinions
  • I own WFC, BAC, and JPM.
  • Agree with Mike that YAFFX is also good. A more concentrated version of YACKX. Similar performance. The other benefit is they both give you strong intl exposure
  • If you are looking for value funds that are more defensive I suggest you consider CDC which Lynn Bolin wrote about a few months back and also YACKX— excellent long term track record. CDC is the more defensive of the 2 and also has a great long term…
  • A really outstanding issue. Thx so much to the new team for stepping up! I was really worried about losing the newsletters. Thx to David also for all you do to keep the site running. This is the best site in the mutual fund universe for good tho…
  • Ok thanks Ben. I'll be really interested to see what the portfolio construction looks like
  • I own growth and value so I am always disappointed. Hahaha!! Love it. I’m going to put this quote on my wall!
  • The perils of going with a star manager when they set up their own shop. I Invested in David Winters when he started Wintergreen. Very disappointing
  • I have to admit I'm slightly envious of long-term PRWCX investors. If anyone is disappointed with the fund's recent performance and is interested in liquidating their position, perhaps we can strike a deal? ;-) Hahahaha! Love this! Please add …
  • very interesting fund. Thanks for sharing this data. Will do some further research into this one. Will also take a look at JP Morgan hedged equity