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  • The first house we bought back around 1960 (+/-) had a interest rate of 6%. Of course, the price of the house was a lot less than it would be today and we had a lot less income. The funny part now, is that I remember laying in bed at night worryin…
  • Thanks YBB. Your post are always appreciated.
  • @hondo - Was “Tarhell” a Freudian slip?? / I’d guess it’s a silly typo. Thanks for your thoughts on the issue. Sorry, just a typo and has been corrected.
  • Tarwheel: Your problem is one that most investors suffer through. If it isn't bonds, it's stocks or something else. We always worry about what is going to happen in the future. You must set your goals and allocations and stick to them, unless you…
  • YBB: Noticed that many are EFTs. Who will affect the regular mutual funds?
  • Thanks YBB
  • 43 days from now we will still be in the same situation.
  • YBB always comes through. Thanks.
  • I don't expect it to last long, but if military, border patrol, ATC don't get paid, but have to work, then neither should Congress, the cabinet, etc be paid. Heard on TV this morning that the freeze on pay did include Congress.
  • My house is about 50 years old, and I am having to spend more and more each year on ACs, Hot Water heaters, plumbing, and a number of "surprises" outside of my house. I am starting to question whether we need to "sell the house" and buy smaller and…
  • @hondo. Same boat here. My wife has no interest in this stuff and I think more and more about a vastly simplified portfolio going forward. As my CD’s and treasuries mature it might be time to build a position in Wellesley or some such thing. At l…
  • "I realize my thinking is slowing" @hondo- I've passed through that phase and am now in the "my thinking is evaporating" phase. I can hardly wait to see what comes next. Maybe a weekend pass from "the home". :( Old Joe: Man, I know what you mean.…
  • dt: I bought a 12 month 5% CD yesterday. I know that I could have gotten a higher rate with a brokered CD, but wanted to stay with my credit union. As you know, I have always tried to keep it simple for my wife's sake. Now, I have come to the poin…
  • Glad you are on the mend. Lay low and take care until fully recovered.
  • Best wishes and get well fast. You are the best.
  • FWIW, I spoke with a Vanguard rep and found out we can still receive our TAX Forms by US Mail without paying a fee. I think there may be a tax law that requires tax forms to be mailed unless taxpayer agrees to another delivery method. Not sure. I…
  • I just can't believe all of the panic going on with the investors posting on this forum. First, IMO the 14th was not meant for this kind of situation. Second, this mess will be worked out. Even if it is not, there are worse things that can happen.…
  • VWIAX is our largest holding in the tax-deferred space. I am also concerned about it, but I am not going to sell it. I believe it will come back and in the meantime I am reinvesting the dividends and cgs at a discount price. Letting the fund mana…
    in VWINX Comment by hondo May 15
  • deleted by hondo
  • As I understand it, the Republican bill, in general, would raise the debt limit to avoid the default and reduce spending to stop going above the new debt limit. Biden does not want any debt limit so that he can spend all he desires. There has to b…
  • "Some states have a balanced budget law and they are doing better than those without one." @hondo- Define "better". Old Joe; Texas is an example of a balanced budget state that is doing better. Texas has a balanced budget, no state income tax and…
  • Of course there should be a debt ceiling. No country can just spend and spend , and go more and more in debt. There must be a limit. To go into unlimited debt will destroy our country as it has other countries. I support a balanced budget. Some s…
  • As a new member of the forum, I am disappointed to see the angry politics inserted into this thread by some, (not all).