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  • They're all just shooting for their 15 minutes of fame. All it takes is one right guess.
  • LOL -- well, my in-law has 1063 of those 888 million and will probably have them for a looooonnnnggg time. Sometimes I keep a real loser around just to remind myself ... "don't do that again!!" LOL
    in REITs Comment by gman57 October 1
  • Speaking of REITS -- Anyone know anything about Highlands Reit? My in-law was asking for advice and I see this Highlands Reit in two of his accounts. I did some searching and it doesn't sound good. A non-tradable reit that specialized in "bad" p…
    in REITs Comment by gman57 October 1
  • I agree with stillers.... but unlike him, I've learned to ignore BS1000.
  • I used to but now that I've finally made up my mind to only index on the equity side (only took 20+ years lol) when it's gone it's gone. Anything sold now goes right into the index.... done.
  • As noted, e-delivery waives annual fee at any asset level. This has been in place for several years. Yes, it is 2023. Paper is sooooooo 2000's ;^) Think of how much logging/trees have been saved due to paper everything. (statement,bills,etc... etc.…
  • One possibility, I'm not sure how feasible, is to convert office space to manufacturing space. I've been reading there is a manufacturing building boom going on so it may not be as bad as perceived if in fact that can be accomplished. It'll also bri…
  • Eh,,, none of the dinner table chat subjects are going to make a difference IMHO. Like the last time, (remember the red wave that was coming) the more Roe vs Wade and women's rights comes up before/during the election the more women will lean/vote…
  • She already had her 15 minutes of fame.
  • I've been with VG for a long time. They are for the "do it yourself" investor. IMHO If you want assistance they're not for you. I've never had problems.
  • I read an article about earlier rockets and multiple engines. They scrapped them due to not being able to get them all synced and working at the same time. Getting 33 ALL working together and have nothing fail... good luck with that IMHO. Saturn V…
  • I saw an interesting segment on CNBC today. They (Liesman, Santelli, others) were talking about how the banks were treated after they came to the rescue last time (Lehman's) that they may not be in such a hurry to help out now. Implying they got s…
  • Someone once mentioned that tips ARE bonds and like all bonds when rates go up bonds go down and when rates go down bonds go up. Long tips go up/down more than short tips just like long/short bonds. I don't know much about Tips but I think you want…