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  • I have found what has worked well for me and my family over the past years was to take a sum equal to no more than one half of the five year average return of the portfolios. For me, this currently computes to a little more than 4.75%. In this way…
  • Hi @JoJo26, Thank you for your response. As I understand listed private equity firms raise capital by being listed on a stock exchange while a fully private firm raises capital through private placements. However, they both hold private portfolio…
  • Happy Easter. Old_Skeet
  • I am traveling for the weekend and only have my handheld so this will be short. Years back in college one of my econ professors had our class doing some basic market anlysis and trend forecasting. With this, I plan to continue my forecasting excer…
  • I have looked at the etf SDOG in the past but chose to stick with FDSAX. I am thinking, both are indeed great investment choices and one can not go wrong owning either one them if they meet meet an investor's investment profile.
  • A quick thought ... Selling and buying activity usually generates commissions, fees, tax revenue, etc. Good for the brokerage house and exchanges. Just think for a moment if most all investors sold out and then had to buy back in that would genera…
  • Hi Ted, I sold MFLDX a few days, with a good profit, after I open this thread. Although, I feel Kevindow is on target with his comments ... They came after I sold. Old_Skeet
  • Hi Junkster, I want to wish you well as you have again deceided to abstain form posting here at MFO ... but, how about lurking? I do want you to know that I have enjoyed reading your comments and there are no doubt many paths that lead to the top …
  • Hello … Sheeter here … I have posted some time under the handle Skeeter and used this handle over at fund alarm. I chose it because it was the name of a dearly loved departed family pet. Moving on … Someone booted one of my post to the front of t…
  • Hi Flack and MJG ... Skeeter here. Perhaps MJG targeted this somewhat towards me as I have been one that has used the seasonal strategy for a good number of years and posted and referenced to it frquently. It is also one that my late father used a…