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  • Nibled tsla this morning set sale 735 short terms
  • Maybe more bad news out there..more down turns short terms/ pressure selling. Probably buy Ford Gm bonds Tomorrow good 7 8% ytm...barely covers inflation short terms
  • Perfect storms Credit issues Housing issues Prob high unemployment next yr Govt may not be able to do much
    in Retail Disasters Comment by johnN May 18
  • Buy little on the dip lol
    in Retail Disasters Comment by johnN May 18
  • Fed Hawker speech yesterday. Housing start today. Canada CPI. Cisco Target earning both down Futures sp500 -0.7% Buffert maybe laughing and getting out his check books getting ready to buy again
    in Futures Comment by johnN May 18
  • If RUSSIA - Ukraine peacetalk finalized, sp500 maybe gain few thousand points /uptrends (we may have a heart attack too much excitement) BUY in May hip hip hooray
  • Tsla may moon today; making new 18wheelers US Dollar Rsi 80 earlier yesterday, severely overbought...maybe good time get back/ shifts toward US stocks at least short terms Stock Futures sky high Uncle Powell speaks later in afternoon hope everyth…
    in Futures Comment by johnN May 17
  • Hi sirs nothing extremely safe We have so much bonds and 2015 TDF in mama portfolio T/ thought was save for retirement but not doing good -8% haircuts ( she was down -9% covid crash but bounces up slowly after) You Can do us treasury /ibonds but y…
  • i am staying away from cripto ....may not worth all headaches and stress imho
    in Futures Comment by johnN May 12
  • Techs /Hi tech cars /luxuries cars may have big haircuts next 6 9 months $Bynd (luxury vegie meat) big dropped poor earnings...prob low demands...folks have limited $$ spend on luxuries these days Tsla near 6xx levels maybe good buys
  • Hi Sirs: Or try Brandy SCOTCH Wild turkey Works VERY well in this market Friend A loss -530k last 4-5D Friend B -350k after all in w Luna crypto over weekend Few committed suicide in other country per news Headline tomorrow: 60% crypto trade…
    in Futures Comment by johnN May 11
  • For folks interested in short terms / near bottom formations Friends say CPI data could cause inflections point and major short term reversals patterns tomorrow/ could be short term bottom formations Sp500 severe resistance 3900s-3960s Vix and …
  • Look at $UPST 400--> 45
    in Bitcoin Crash? Comment by johnN May 9
  • Down -20% lol Dead monies now paperloss Learnt lessons sticks w what you are good more puts order...made lots $$ in puts last bears trapped 30% bitcoin traders bankrupted??!! Can't do anything but hang on for the ride tides
  • ***Open to thoughts…*** Hello Nobody knnow for sure, look at 2008-2009 ( downtrends for 7 8 months) and 2020 flash covid crash (stocks continue downtrend 6 -7 wks). We may have another 10 15% haircuts, very difficult to tell. I am holding pattern …
  • Tech and small caps got beaten very badly past 4 months almost 70% in some instances Amd and asml had superb earnings recently Just chips shortage may subside soon $Soxl $Lcid $asml amd $nio could be good if willing hold 3 4 yrs
  • Short Term tradings may hovers close to sp500 ~3970 to 4300 Med term maybe a bloody summer we'll blow below that level...flash housing crash /bubble popping may follow. Next mid fall - winter hope storm may past slowly... once it's oversold/ infl…
  • Friends added soxl tsla fngu lots tech I added brk.b Amazon tsla and vang2055 past few 7d along with Ford bonds Cpa Merrill edge advisor told me 3d ago Maybe soft landing prob 5-10% more down lots volatility next 4 8 wks but he does not see large…
  • When you expect Armageddon it bounces 900 points Can never tell/time this crazy environment
  • Putin is under the knife/has surgery Market stagnation If he passes on maybe +3k dji upswings
  • The managers at Boa say 33% recessions Where as ML management advisor say we are at possibility new babybull formations How crazy inputs from similar team Few free to pm me and will send article
  • We can never predict the bottom Managers say only things we can do are have diversified portfolio, stay the course, pick good strong stocks/has great fundamentals, consider adding more....or wait for few months. Have opportunities to add more once …
  • Just add few share amazon yesterday after hr Filled just little vang2055, vpccx vgstx yesterday 401k still 90% /10% twice monthly redistribution Got assigned XLF XBI at vanguard ...imho maybe good etf hold long term, or keep cover call OTM Mont…
  • Held tsla -12% today Ouch Many pundits say housing bubbles crash maybe imminent ...Not many folks have $ pay mortgage due to current rates/limited new applications /less new house sell...major banks announced jobs cut next quater. Ukraine / Feds r…
    in OUCH ! Comment by johnN April 26
  • Hurts more today than yesterday
    in OUCH ! Comment by johnN April 26
  • Added little more tqqq spxl vang2050 earlier today Watching red market carnage Friend added amaz put sale to open mature 4.29 strike 2600, premium 1780
  • Friends say Get a mule or a pedal bike Or hybrid EV
  • friends say capitulation / could be as bad as 2008 or 2001 bubble+9.11. Futures bright red - bloody EU NASDAQ + EEM bears SP500 DJI follow soon probably holding patterns for 2-6 wks now/no buying Prob keep holding big vehicles sp500 dji etf/sox…
  • Snow ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ bombed after hr missed ER Could be good hold long term
    in To dip or not ? Comment by johnN March 2
  • Got more GUSH UEC BITO friends bought DFEN extremely short plays fyi
    in To dip or not ? Comment by johnN March 1
  • Thx he maybe 3 6 months early imho Techs although appear cheaper than last yr
  • Russian economy on verge of collapse
  • Yes sir thank you Wonder WWIIIformations Need N.korea cccp Iran join partee
  • May add more UEC RSX RSXJ GSG OAS Li vang2050 Monday May Buy more when blood on street 9-24 months outlook could be good for these vehicles
  • Cwoods add more tsla Fri 39.5millions Buffett woods also have/add more I think NIO or XPENG
  • Hi sir the Pudd Many folks say its oversold past 6 weeks...hard to say Still got 15 yrs left and has time to make up... I still buy Vang 2050 vpccx vgstx monthly basis. If was retired probably all bonds Corp bonds TIPS and very little equities ad…
  • Tiptoes Added more spxl Fidelity investors advisors - "High volatility from war Feds omicron We are in middle of (corrections) mid cycle expansions. Long terms views maybe good....earning seasons should be adequate*** Got more beers and Rola…