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  • My bank wire instructions were different.

    Beneficiary: HMC Trading
    Wells Fargo bank @ 420 Montgomery in SF
    Beneficiary address in 247 East 86th, NY, NY 10028

    Bank ABA #121000248, bank swift# WFBIUS6SXXX, Bank Account #3635383197
    October 2022
    • Bob_Up
      I had the same wiring instructions as balyan55. I sent money to Wells Fargo for HMC Trading
  • you posted that you found out where your money was sent; I kept my screen shot of wire instructions. The only thing I wished I had done was screenshot of my balance in the account but the wires prove the total amount sent. I even downloaded their application, prospectus and annual report which I sent to my bank and FTC, SEC, FBI, IC3
    October 2022
  • My wiring instructions for HMC Trading LLC was Wells Fargo Bank in SF with beneficiary bank address being same bank in NY.

    He used Truist Financial for your wiring instructions? or are u saying the END ACCOUNT # USED FOR COLLECTING EVERYONES MONEY IS TRUIST FINANCIAL?
    October 2022
    • louise
      Yes, he requested that the fund be sent to his truist account #1340017489258 to a bank location in D.C. This guy had multiple accounts and spread out where the payments would be received. He appears to be an experienced con man, or at the very least - a copy cat con covering his tracks very well.