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Mobile devices

edited August 2011 in Technical Questions
Could something be implemented to allow a person to read posts on an iPhone or other mobile device. My problem is that lines are so long that the resulting font is small and very difficult to read. Is there a way to limit line length? Some other solution?


  • edited August 2011
    A big magnifying glass? If you are really old you may remember those plastic magnifying screens that you bought to put in front of the 5" picture tube on your brand-new black and white TV so you could watch "the fights!". Look, they're moving!!
  • Actually I've been avoiding this blog for many months because of the above problem. I see that currently it is much better formatted and it is not too difficult to read.
  • Yes, the technical geniuses are hard at work, even as we sit here...

    Seriously, they are really trying to make this a first-rate operation. Sorry I don't have a decent answer for you, but perhaps they will try to help.

  • would you consider getting ipad or similiar products..ntip
  • There is RSS reader feeds of the forums. Perhaps if admin exposes those feeds more visibly, you could use an RSS reader with your own customizations to fonts etc.
  • edited August 2011
    Here are the feeds if what Investor suggested works for you. click on orange feed.

    Here are some sites that offer free rss apps for mobile maybe one will work for you


    I don't think the problem is visibility of feeds per se. I think the major problem is a lack of any kind of help page - perhaps someone will step up to the plate. I wrote a help page for the project I was working on when it gets installed, but the whole site needs one.

    Perhaps - a Tips category could be a start that is solely used for comments on how to better navigate this site as it stands. The person who starts the tip on a specific subject (e.g. rss feeds, searching, finding users, etc.) could keep editing the first post in the the discussion subject to incorporate user comments that follow. This could be a place where a user takes ownership of post to help the board improve to augment the purpose of the real reason the board is here (fund observing). Each person could do their part if their part was part of this. idea. If it was used a serious place to add tips without extraneous jokes, it could be a serious start to the person putting together a master help file. I suggested something like this before maybe someday the time will come when people want to share something besides investment expertise and they want to support the forum in other ways.

  • I agree with Accipiter's note that we need a "tips" page. If anyone has the time and technical expertise to pull one together, I'd be delighted to work with Chip and Accipiter to get it edited, formatted and posted. With the start of the new school year and three new classes to teach, I've been mostly focused on my day job and having something useful to say once in a great while.

    The storm-drenched Chip and Accipiter have been working steadily behind the scenes and under the hood, and I'm deeply grateful for both their technical expertise and kindness in sharing it and their time.

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