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ETF trends

edited September 2011 in Fund Discussions
My weekly ranking for my tax-sheltered account
1. GDX - Gold miners
2. IEF intermediate treasury
3. GLD - gold
4. TLT long-term treasury
5. TIP

Gold-miners are gaining strength and I will buy some tomorrow with the aim to establish
33% position (in tax-sheltered account only) in couple of weeks if the strength continues,
while reducing GLD correspondingly.


  • Current rankings
    1. QQQ - NASDAQ 100
    2. IEF- intermediate treasury
    3. IEI - short term treasury
    4. voo - S&P 500
    5. AGG - aggregate bond

    Both GLD and GDX have dropped out of top 5. Out of GLD yesterday and started a 33% position in QQQ. QQQ has also peaked above the 200 day MA.

    All my short-term trading is in tax-sheltered account.
  • Current ranking
    1. IEF
    2. GLD
    3. TLT
    4. BND
    5. DVY / SDY

    Yesterday, switched to GLD 66%, SDY 33%. Not convinced about bonds.

    All my short-term trading is in tax-sheltered account.
  • edited November 2011
    Howdy Kaspa,

    Thank you for the update. I will presume you may have looked at these two, too; as they have a relationship to sectors you are invested.


    You have not noted; so I will presume you are satisfied with your returns, YTD.

    I will note that I have a smile on my face as I write this portion; as you note that you are not convinced about bonds; and our house is also on the fence with just about every sector we hold. WAIT, I will adjust that thought.........investment grade bonds and some areas of Treasury issues, including TIPs should hold their own over the next best guess, eh?
    I am only convinced that the best of the traders; be it equity or bonds, should have very large gains at year's end, when they add up the profits.

    Take care,
  • Thanks, Catch. I have not included these in my screens as the volume is relatively low. I used to track a lot of ETFs, but over the years I have minimized the number to track. Adding too many ETFs increases effort, trading-frequency without much increase in returns. I am quite satisfied with my YTD returns, 4-5% higher than my artbitrary benchmarks (VFINX, FPACX, OAKBX) and about the same as PRPFX.
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