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ASTON/River Road Independent Value Fund Holdings as of 8-31-11

edited September 2011 in Fund Discussions
I've notice that fund manager Eric Cinnamond did some buying on the dips during the month of August. His cash position fell from 49.5% on July 31st to 40.8% on August 31st. He still has lots of powder left!

The fund's performance during the month of August was very impressive and not just because he held 40% cash:
ARIVX = -1.86%
Russell 2000 Value = -8.83%

Keep up the good work Eric!



  • Question please: If he had bought another 10 % , what would his return for August be?

    thanks, Derf
  • Patience Grasshopper!
  • I have had this fund since the beginning Jan 1. It seems to have a beta around 0.5. I actually have it on margin since margin is 2 3/4% and hope springs eternal! This and Permanent Portfolio are my favorites.
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