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Time anomolies

At 4:05 PM I viewed a WSJ article Russell 200 Tumble that cleared the wire this morning at 11:43AM. Ted posted it at 8:11 PM and I read it at 4:03 PM what's the deal???


  • 420 PM Now the time of postings seems to be correct.
  • Gary: Timeline:
    Article: (WSJ) 5/15/14: 11:43 AM EST
    Posted: (Ted) 5/15/14 3:15 PM CST
    Read: (Gary) 5/15/14 4:20 PM CST
  • The time stamp on the posts in the forum depend on whether you are logged in or not. The default is UTC ( or GMT for the non-nerds).
  • By George, you're quite right! Never noticed that. Perhaps you need to be logged in so that your time zone can be determined?
  • Universal Telepathic Copy--- got it!
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