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Attention Web Wizards! I wonder if...

edited October 2011 in Technical Questions
The new "Mark All Viewed" button is a very nice idea. Having been away for a month or so it was very handy to use it to start with a "clean page" for visual scanning of the more current postings.

This got me to wondering if a similar button could be installed for each individual thread. There are always some threads which will be of minimal interest to each of us as individual posters, even though those subjects may be of great interest to others. Real-estate wise, a good place for such a button or checkbox might be right below the existing "star" on the thread title bar, or perhaps make use of the existing "options" box to add this as an option.

It would be great to be able to simply mark individual threads as "read" (or "ignore") so as to be able to eliminate them when scanning the page for new items of interest. This would have to be a sort of override or "master" control, in that once checked it would have to ignore all additional postings to that thread, so as not to repetitively retrigger the yellow highlighted "n-new" notification.

This may be one of those ideas which sound reasonable but require so much of a software rework as to make them impractical, but it never hurts to ask!

(Actually, that's not always true. As a dedicated civil servant I usually found asking just started endless rounds of non-productive BS, so it was frequently better to just do whatever and claim ignorance of proper procedure if management questioned the situation. Got a lot of good work done that way!)


  • Hello, Joe.

    This, I think, is one of the cases that might be too much work to be practical. The "Mark All Viewed" was a add-on for the discussion board that had been created by someone else, and posted for anyone to use. That makes it easy for us. I spent some time reading the reviews and comments on it, then I installed it and tested it one slow evening. It seemed to work well, so I left it running.

    I will search to see if there's a similar add-on for the individual thread.

    Be well,
  • Thanks Chip- I appreciate your thoughts on this.
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