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Search function: Poster name search; works for some and not others........

edited October 2011 in Technical Questions
Searched today for a post be person "x" who has numerous posts.............nothing found.

Searched another poster name, with infrequent posts and found all posts related.




  • edited October 2011
    Morning, Catch- dunno, I tried with a few different names and they all seemed to work OK. Tried with Accipiter, as I knew that he would have a whole lot of posts, and it did fine with him too. The search function apparently does not just look for posting names, but evidently searches in the posting text as well- ie, try "dunno" (without the quotes) and see what comes up. The search is persnickety about spelling, though, and I would guess that "close" does not count for this function.
  • edited November 2011
  • Howdy Accipiter,

    Before I forget...........and thinking about birds of prey; had one of these on the wooden fence 10 feet from the house and it was not particularly afraid of my approach within 10 feet or so and just hopped from the fence to a nearby maply tree as I stood and watched. A very pretty bird.

    Today, I presume the same bird; while I happened to be standing in the driveway glided quietly downward and snagged a dove for breakfast not 20 feet above my head. Farther north in Michigan, folks have lost cats and small dogs in the yards to the eagles.

    The search: I found many post names without problem; but was looking for a post from bee . No luck. Search found nothing related at all......blank.

    Thank you for your thoughts about this; and I would prefer a more full bodied search, too; but I don't use the function too much and not on a bitch list. The site is fine.

  • Catch, same thing here on my OS/browser. Oddly enough, if I search for "be" or "bee" or "been", no return- however "beef" and "beer" do fine. WTF??

    Tried with double quotes, single quotes, and wild card asterisk, no difference.
  • Hi Old_Joe,

    Taking your fine lead for names..........I placed the following and returned numerous results.....
    drugs, alcohol and wine. :):):)

    I will drop a home note on Wednesday.

    Time for sleep here.........
  • edited November 2011
    Reply to @catch22:

    If you are searching for something that is <= 3 characters it won't show up.
  • Hi Accipiter,

    I am not complaining; and I am not leaning on you, Chip or David for a fix. I am most pleased that MFO exists; and I sure can live without a full blown search function. I just could not determine why some searches were normal and the bee search did not work; thinking there was a problem at our pc.

    Thank you for your time,

  • edited November 2011
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