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Greetings, Web Wizards: How to link internally? >> Q answered, thanks Accipiter!

edited October 2011 in Technical Questions
As some will remember, back on FA we were able to post a link which would transition directly to another thread within FA itself. I've been trying to do that on MFO, but on my browser at least, the results are very erratic and useless. I'm probably missing something here- any ideas?


  • edited October 2011
    If this is what I undertand you are looking for - here's how to do it.

    Depending on your browser options - use the copy link option.
    Place you mouse over the permalink (to the right of the time) of the comment you want to link to and right click the mouse, you have an option to copy the link. choose copy. go to the message where you want to insert the link and click paste.
    The permalinks show up within each discussion (not on the subject page)

    this links to your comment in another message.
  • Good morning to you, and thanks. I knew that I was missing something, and there it was right under my nose, as usual.
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