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Is it possible to flag from the mobile site? I was able to by requesting the "full site" and then flagging from there but, well, I guess I'm lazy?


  • Now why, I wonder, would you feel a compelling need for the flag function at this particular moment in time? :)
  • On a related note. Once you've "gone full site" from mobile how do you get back to mobile?
  • Hi, guys.

    I've highlighted your questions for Chip. She's catching up with work at her college but promises to check in as soon as she can.

  • Sometimes my browser shows a "yellowed" asterisk next to the "Flag" gizmo, but then later they seem to go away. What on earth is that all about?
  • The yellow gizmos have to do with replies I think and only appear the first time you encounter a reply
  • I don't think that flagging is available from the mobile site, but switching back and forth from mobile to full site is easy. When you're on the full site using your phone, just scroll all the way to the bottom. Below the owl logo, you see a link to the mobile site.
  • Thank you @chip!
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