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"If this is your first time viewing the New site. Please logout and login again. You will only have to do this once"

I have logged in several hundred times. I have never been automatically logged in, and although I use password manager it also has never entered the login information. Any suggestions?


  • Hi golub1. Let me send you message off line. See if we can resolve.
  • I get that message if I don't use the "Discussion" link in the menu row to reload the page.

    Are you accepting cookies?
  • I'm accepting cookies. Clicking on the discussion link doesn't sign me in. Still get the Howdy Stranger etc. I changed my password as requested in 1 email - nothing doing.
  • The worst. Will appeal to chip to see if we can resolve.
  • Thanks
  • Golub- A number of questions, which if nothing else should help Chip to try and resolve this:

    1) Is this problem occurring at home, or at work? (If at work, there may be a local network issue involved).

    2) Is your computer a Windows machine, or a Mac?

    3) What operating system is your computer using?

    4) What browser are you using? (ie Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari. etc)

    5) Does your computer have more than one browser available?

    6) Is the problem occurring on a computer which had previously worked OK with MFO?

    7) If so, approximately when did the problem start occurring?

    8) Do you have access to another computer, for testing purposes?

    There may be follow-up questions, depending upon your particular situation.

    Regards- OJ
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • 1) home
    2) Windows
    3) Windows 8.1
    4) Explorer
    5) yes
    6) My previous computer also didn't sign me in
    7) NA
    8) Yes

    I tired it with Chrome today and using the discussion link I can get my password manager to fill in the sign in page. That's a big help, but I don't usually use Chrome. When I use to use Firefox it didn't remember me or sign in with the password manager.

    I'll try my wife's computer tomorrow.

    Thanks OJ
  • For me, I clicked the [X] in the corner of the offending window, and it went away and did not come back.
  • Had same problem with wife's computer.
  • Golub- I'm a Mac person, so there's not much more that I can suggest here. Let's hope that Chip has some ideas on this. By the way, she is in the final stages of working on her MBA, and is very hard-pressed to find extra time to help out on MFO right now, so it may be a while before we hear from her.

    I would have to believe that there are a reasonable number of posters who also use Windows 8.1 and Explorer. If that is in fact true, then logically a question is unavoidable: Why does the setup work for them, but not you? Ted once had a similar issue for quite a while, and after a lot of work on the part of the MFO staff he finally resolved it by getting a software tech to do some magic stuff with his computer. He also is using Windows (not sure which version), FWIW.

    I wonder if it's possible that there is some type of anti-virus application on all of your computers that is somehow hostile to the sign-in window? I just checked my FireFox cookie list for MFO, and there are 17 (!) separate MFO cookies in the FireFox cookie file. I have no idea if all of them are really critical, but you might check your browser and see how many cookies it is working with.

    I'm sorry that there isn't much else that I can suggest at this point. Hope you can get the issue under control soon.

    Regards- OJ
  • I reset/delete all browser features everyday; so I always have to sign-in. I have not had any other unusual problems using our Windows 7, IE 10 pc; with an exception being using Google Chrome, which was not a happy combo with our pc at many web sites.
  • Catch22's comment made me think, do you have a privacy feature on your browser turned on? Not sure what Explorer calls it.
  • Catch22's comment made me think, do you have a privacy feature on your browser turned on? Not sure what Explorer calls it.

    I.E. calls it InPrivate browsing

  • Thanks rjb. I'm a Apple user so Explorer is not in my usage. Chrome has Incognito and Safari just calls it Privacy.
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