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Schooner Fooner

edited December 2011 in Fund Discussions
I changed jobs few months back. In a nutshell, my job sucks. It sucks so intensely I'm not able to visit MFO often enough. MFO - whom I rely on to give me my "fund news". On whom I count to keep me sane. I have been lurking around now and again, but not really had time to focus. Did I say my new job sucks. I'm working like 28 hours a day. Shameless employers. Better to have a job than not, I guess. Anyways...

NARFX is now SARIX. WTF ?!?!?!?!

[Several Expletives I don't even know how to mouth deleted]

Someone help me if I should just bail. I'm 12% down on my original investment. And I have enough losses booked already so not looking at booking more. However if this Schooner thingy is useless, I need to know.

Much obliged.


  • It is now not diversified. It makes foreign investments including emerging markets. I assume it will be far riskier than the Nakoma version. Nevertheless, I am sticking with it for the moment. It is a small portion of my portfolio though. Saving the losses for another year I guess.
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