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  • edited March 2015
    I recall @Tampabay being one of the regulars at

    which is a Mr. W site???

    Have you another "ad" you would like to place in this space ???
  • Hmm … embedded unique id in the link and counter on the destination page ... wonder how much is paying Tampabay for each click?
  • Listen...Anytime I receive a "Free" solicitation from a legitimate source, I usually pass it on, in the spirit of being able to help someone, but if the best funds from the top Mutual Fund Company in the World, doesn't interest you..... I understand the mentality...
    Just don't order it...simple
    Dan the man was glad not to Have a "Tampabay" looking over his printed information everyday..for critical review...Wonder why he solicits me every month to come back? Know he doesn't need my $99.00...just thinking
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