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MFO performs differently depending on what PC I'm using

edited April 2011 in Technical Questions
Not sure if that makes sense to the experts, but when I visit MFO from my home PC, everything works great. When at work, the site is a bear to work through. At work, I'll open a post and not all the other replies will show up, especially the newer ones. I'll open a post, close it, and the yellow indicator with the # of new posts doesn't change, even when I refresh hitting the discuss button again or even if I go out and back into the site. Some times the comment box won't appear at the bottom of a post.

Is this a browser thing? MFO just doesn't work well with certain browsers maybe? But like I said, the site works great on my home PC.


  • Mike, I know very little about web page construction itself, but as a radio tech I know that more info is better: suggest you provide, for both home and work, the following info:

    • Type of computer (Windows/Mac)
    • Operating System (Name/Number)
    • Browser (Name, version #)

    That will help them to spot any obvious differences. Note, though, that the issue may be due to firewalls and other protective software at the work location. I believe that JR was having similar problems at work, but not at home.
  • Not seeing that. At home use HP laptop with Google Chrome browser and dial-up connection. Works great. Have traveled with Accer netbook running Internet Explorer and connected via hotel wifi. Not much difference.
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