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Any chance of adding the function to download a file?

edited April 2011 in Technical Questions
I'm preparing a couple portfolios I would like evaluations of. The investments for these are already in Morningstar and Excel, and I think I have the option to convert to .pdf. The only way I am able to transfer this information is copy and paste, which skews the alignment making it much less readable. My only alternative now is to try and add spaces. I belong to several Forums which allows the downloading of files. Is there any chance this function could be added without additional cost? I'm pretty sure there are enough others in this forum who would love to have this capability also.


  • edited November 2011
  • I believe, you can create an online Google Doc Spreadsheet by importing your exported CSV file from M* and share the link to it here.
  • Thanks Accipiter. I'll try that for a future similar posting. In the meantime, will just hope what I sent was easy enough to read.

  • Thank you, Investor. This particular information is too sensitive for me to post on Google - but sounds like a great method for other types of charts.
  • This is a test- disregard.

    123 a x
    456 b y
    789 c z

  • Wow! Thanks for the suggestion Accipiter! Due to legacy app issues I have to use an obsolescent MAC computer & OS, and I just did a real quick & dirty test using an ancient Claris Works spreadsheet (app is easily 20-25 yrs old), saved as ASCII, cut and pasted. Works great! Wish I'd known this a long time ago.

    Cheers! OJ
  • edited April 2011
    Yet Another Use(less OR ful) Tidbit (YAULT)

    Thanks for the feedback - appreciate it @Old_Joe and @CathyG

    aniother little tip (perhaps useless, but here it is if you want it)

    place an @ sign in front of a userhandle in your message and there will be an automatic clickable link to that user's profile


    search for an item maybe - testing
  • Thanks, Accipiter, for your help, and giving us extra little "tips/tricks" - very helpful! Cathy
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