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  • Where were they last summer....when the market was at its peak?
  • Are not these the same folks who just about had their financial arses kicked, but saved by the British taxpayers and still mostly owned by the British government? Doesn't mean they are not allowed to guess with the best of breed.....
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    So, I guess this means that all us little people, who choose to do otherwise, will be crushed in the conflagration, rolled like crumbs off the middle class table into the poor house, left hoping against hope to catch on, in some capacity, with the rich folk at Downton Abbey or the like?

    Yes, my Lord. As you wish. (not an attempt at rhetorical flourish.... I was just practicing for the interview).
  • And this

    I am amused at why all the banks are suddenly crying so in unison when they almost never do except in retrospect. To save the poor investor?

    My cynical self says they know financials equity sector is deeply in trouble and are likely to lose a lot of value especially if people start to rotate into other sectors, so why not bring everything down to hide sector specific problem within a large correction.
  • @vkt- Keep this up and I may have to cede you my honorary title as MFO Cynic-in-Chief!
  • Interesting about JPMorgan, since their chief global strategist and head of global markets was not at all bearish in a conference call last week. I wonder if he know what one of their analysts (the linked article above) is saying? This kind of disconnect is totally odd. As for Edwards, I am surprised he continues to get press. Actually, given the penchant of the financial media to hype anything scary, I am not surprised.
  • All bankers and analysts have had time to sell their holdings now since market peaked. So now they are able to tell everyone to sell
  • Hey VF, what happened to your technical signals? I kinda liked those.
  • edited January 2016
    A quick thought ... Selling and buying activity usually generates commissions, fees, tax revenue, etc. Good for the brokerage house and exchanges. Just think for a moment if most all investors sold out and then had to buy back in that would generate a lot of revenue for banks, brokerages, advisors, exchanges and, for some, taxes to pay on realized capital gains. For them probally a good thing and for me, as an investor, a bad thing.

    I might trim some allocations form time-to-time but selling completely out, probally not a good thing, for me, to do.
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