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Synthetic Investments

Just read this article which had come to my email via PIMCO.

Am no expert when it comes to investing in synthetics with no plans to be.

Is the type of investment this article is talking about similar to MWTAX (Metropolitan West AlphaTrak 500). I'm guessing there are Pimco funds that invest in a similar strategy as this article suggests. Just curious...always trying to learn a little something new whether I move on it or not.



  • Not exactly an answer to your question but "lower returns going forward" seems to be the latest buzz phrase. Actually has been around many years and popularized by the likes of Jeremy Grantham long ago and others (especially value managers) Last year's punk returns really had them howling the era of low returns was upon us. But last I checked the market was still powering ahead and at all time highs. Sort of reminds me of post 2008 when a bunch of funds were rolled out pandering to the fears of another 2008. Now I guess the marketing machines will be pandering to the low returns going forward fears. As an aside, your aforementioned MWATX (not MWTAX) looks good and has performed well over the years - certainly no low returns in that fund.
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