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  • Hi Gary, Congrats on your new book on value investing. Wishing you continued success. Old_Skeet
    February 2
  • johnN
    Hi sir hope you are well

    Hope bottom closing in

    If have few more days upswings 85 90s% if stocks up, stochastic roll over, good breadth indicators, high volume despite all bad news, maybe new baby bull born soon

    So many suffering
    October 2022
  • Hi Junkster. Thank you for your message. I have gone to lurking on the board. I have read some of your recent post and only visit the board to gander your thinking as we are cut from different investing cloth and enjoy reading your perspectives. I believe you to be of good fiber and sincere and wish you the very best. Take care and nice to hear from you.
    August 2022
  • johnN
    May 2022
  • johnN
    Thank you sir
    Appreciate all commentaries over the yrs since fundalarms day
    Good luck

    Keep me posted sometimes what you ve Been buying
    [email protected]

    Thx so much
    November 2019
  • Hi Junkster,
    Is there any probability that the reason US junk is doing so very well is foreign purchases? some foreign junk has gone NIRP and the US $ is at highs thus foreigners might squeak out a positive return???
    September 2019
  • Charles
    Hi Junkster. I did notice IOFIX is stalled and even pulled back nearly a percent at year end. Is that why you are out? c
    January 2018
  • Are you buying the momentum funds in the "one month %" column? Most of these I cannot even find at the brokerage???$FOCA$BL.aspx
    December 2016
  • Junkster,
    I haven't seen anything interesting in the news or on the board to comment upon.
    Also, I may miss comments in all the links
    February 2016
  • Hi Junkster,

    Thanks for stopping by and making comment under the thread What Are You Buying Selling or Pondering? Thus far the thread is doing what I felt it would in the exchange of ideas, concepts and ideas. There have been a few that have made comment that are relative new members plus the thread has drawn a good number of readers.

    Thanks again for stopping buy and makking comment.

    January 2016
  • Hi Junkster,

    Nice to see you posting again.

    Perhaps, you'd consider making comment on the board about your recent fall adventure.

    Take care,
    November 2015
  • Hi Junkster,

    I see you are staying away like you said you would ... or perhaps, you are lurking by just visiting without signing in under your user name.

    In any event ... I hope things are going well for you.

    September 2015