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How to download price info for a list of symbols

I would like to d/l price info (price, date/time, etc) for a group of about 10 specific stocks and mutual funds. I've used for several years, but they've changed formats several times w/o warning, forcing me to revise my processing. It's frustrating. I would like to find a good, solid, established, easy-to-use source.



  • @Tiger: Try Google Finance, you'll need to create an account but its free
  • edited May 2017
    @Tiger: You can also set up a portfolio at M* and it will report daily data for funds and market-delayed data for stocks. I know what you mean about formatting changes. If you are downloading to a spreadsheet which has been built for a particular input format, it is a real pain when they change that format.

    Here is a workaround for this situation: In your spreadsheet, setup a "translator" section which will accept the input in the differing format, and reorganize it into the formatting which your actual calculation input wants to see. I had to do this when I changed from using Google data to M* data. Ironically, I made that change because of the same issues at Google that you are seeing at Yahoo.

    Take the "translator" output and copy/paste into the calculating input, using "paste values only" or a similar function. You can actually build a couple of "translators" tailored to different input sources, so that you can then use any of a number of available data sources.

  • Tiger, I feel your pain. The new yahoo portfolio view is an abomination that even Fidelity or M* would have a hard time beating and their tech departments are garbage.
  • I had been using some saved quotes under //,xxx,etc. and recently it no longer worked. I found if I used https: instead of http: it worked again. The format is different now, but at least it gives me a list of current prices.
  • Here's an Excel sheet that you can use to download a whole list of securities with hi/low/close, etc for extended time periods.
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