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"Discussions" section Lost All but Last 6-7 entries

edited May 2011 in Technical Questions
Hope it's not my browser, but doesn't show (Pages 2, 3, etc.) for me to check previous - just the latest few postings.


  • It's your browser/computer or internet service provider. All the posts and pages are available here.
  • They all seem to be there now, thank goodness.
  • This is happening to me today, too: just the latest few postings are showing on conversations. I've tried signing in & out several times to no avail. This wasn't happening last week. Frustrating. I'm using IE 7.0, just fyi... Thx
  • What you are most likely seeing the page is timing out before completed. However, what is causing the timeout is less certain. It could be a site related issue or it could be a local problem.

    Site related issues are more likely to seen far more often than 2 people so far has reported. As examples of site related issue, it could be the site would be terminating long running processes under load or memory constraint or database is locking up which may with MySQL based databases often but generally at much higher loads than this site could present.

    For personal/local problems, it is possible a browser add-on could be interfering as well. Anti-virus programs, toolbars etc. all add to the load of the browser and cause various problems. Having little memory on the computer, running on older outdated slower computers can make the problem more visible while trying to use demanding slow software like IE 7/8. Try Firefox if you have not already done so.

    Finally, intermittent internet connectivity (especially on a wifi connection) can cause this sort of problems. You may be losing and regaining connection in sub-second while the page is loading.
  • Hi Deckard. I have IE 7 also on XP. IE panned in general by many experts so I keep meaning to try another one. Cathy
  • Thanks for the tips on possible problems, Investor. My computer is only a couple years old, has lots of memory.... but I guess that's outdated now. I've read that there are quite a few browsers much better than IE7 - my printouts of ones to try are buried in the hundreds of other pages of "should read" printouts that I haven't been able to get to. So thanks for the Firefox reminder. I remembered Google Chrome being recommended also. But I'm so tech non-savy that I thought Mozilla was a really bad virus that destroyed computers. So I kept thinking, how much knowledge will I need to set up security settings on a new browser, and what if it makes things worse and I have to uninstall, then clean up, etc.etc. And IE7 works most of the time.....

    I have Verizon high-speed DSL and have been considering FIOS, but have same concerns upgrading to that also. But I am regularly getting "internet connection disconnected" (even though it's clearly not, so I guess I'll have to take a chance and try some changes.

    So thank you for the suggestions.

  • You are likely to have much better experience with Firefox than IE 7. I also have an Ad blocker add on my Firefox so I do not see much of the ads as well so browsing is faster that way as well (no need to wait for ads to download). If you still want to keep Internet Explorer and your PC is a Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC, try upgrading to latest IE 9. It is a bit faster.

    Apart from that, looks like you have some connectivity issues ("Internet Connection Disconnected"). You need to resolve that or you will have random problems.
  • Thanks for your follow-up, Investor. I'll give Firefox a try in a couple weeks when things calm down a little. If you're still reading this, can you tell me what Ad blocker you are adding to your Firefox?

    P.S. Think my connectivity problems are caused by new USB 3.0 card/connectors I added recently to my Dell computer (since pop-up says "unplugged", not "disconnected" and internet works fine during all pop-ups. I'm checking with tech guy who installed to have him check.
  • Good morning- I just realized that you and Accipiter/Falcon have become the defacto technical gurus of our community... although I'll bet neither of you quite planned it that way. I just wanted to thank both of you for the extra time and thought that you have been putting in on technical matters. In one sense, it's a natural extension of our FA community... trying to help others when we can. I just wish that I had more knowledge in both financial matters and internet technology so that I could be a little more helpful in these areas.

    Best regards- OJ
  • That's nice of you to credit me with any answers, Old Joe. But I just ask the questions - it's people like Investor, Falcoln, Scott, msf, Catch, Rono, Mark, Bob++++ who have the knowledge and generosity to answer them.
  • Here it is:

    (Install your Firefox first and then visit the above site and use Install Ad Block Plus link on the page).

    Alternatively, you can use Firefox "Tools" menu, "Add-ons", "Get Add-ons" tab, in the search box type "Ad Block Plus" and enter. In the search you should see ABP at the top (The icon is a red stop sign with ABP letters in it). Click on it and select "Add to Firefox" button. It will take some time and bring you "Install Now" button. Click on it as well. It should say, Install complete in the place of button soon. You need to restart Firefox for Add-on to be effective.
  • Sorry Cathy... the technical compliment was meant for Accipiter and Investor. With respect to the financial side, I'm there with you... Questions only, not too many answers.:-)
  • Thanks for the additional tips, Investor. I appreciate your taking me through the process a bit to help me out.

  • The procedure above was for Firefox 3.6. The newer 4.0 may be a bit different. On Firefox 4.0 you can get to Ad-ons from the Firefox men on upper left of the firefox window (or you can hit F10 to reveal traditional menu, pick Tools etc.).

    By hiding the traditonal menu (which is unhidden by F10 momentarily) and putting tabs on the top of the window, Firefox 4.0 better use the vertical space and you could see more of the page.
  • Thanks for the follow-up, Investor. I'll try 4.0 and get Ad-ons from there. Looking forward to trying.
  • Investor, Inccipiter; Joe is right. You guys have become the experts and the helpers so thank you. I have the same problem as Cathy along with many more when I use my work computer. I'm guessing it's the browser (Internet Explorer) and/or the firewall (either McAfee or something called InstallSchield(?)) Pretty much I've decided I'm not going to get any help from the MFO folks, which leads me to go to MFO much less frequently then FundAlarm. It's just way to frustrating not seeing all the posts in a thread or some times seeing the last replier, opening the thread and not seeing their post... or not having the yellow indicator go away on posts (i never really know what I read or didn't read). At my home PC, different story - everything works great.

    Anyway, thanks to you guys for helping out. Not sure why this is the only site I have problems with on my work PC, but it is. Definitely something different about MFO.
  • Mike, at work, your company might be re-routing your internet through a proxy server. It might appear direct but sometimes these (overloaded, outdated) proxy servers have less patience with somewhat slower sites. They do this to reduce internet connection costs and also to monitor traffic in and out of the company (and block inappropriate content). Very common these days.

    The site is admittedly a bit slow overall. At home you are likely to go more direct route with a proxy in between.
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