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Fund Symbol: Left/Right Click Not Working

Chip: All you get is a empty box with X is upper right corner ?


  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • edited October 2017
    Me too, thought it was my computer (or security software) alone because it occurred in all three of IE, Firefox and Chrome in Windows 7, 64bit.

    Edit - I went back to check something. In IE, I get a warning when the empty box appears. It does seem to be a security mismatch (or the warning is not spot on). The warning is "Only secure content is displayed." When I click the "Show all content" button, it refreshes and, when I click the fund, the box is complete with the links to Morningstar, etc.
  • Yikes!
    This is probably related to the security certificate I installed over the weekend. I'll have to dig into Accipiter's code later tonight to see if I can find the troublesome spot.
  • If I hover the cursor over the symbol I still get the full fund name. If I left click I get the empty box with the x. Right click? dunno. I never used it. This is with mac and Safari.
  • I think I've got it fixed. Let me know what you see.

    Thank you for reporting the problem!
  • Ben
    edited October 2017
    chip said:

    I think I've got it fixed. Let me know what you see.

    Thank you for reporting the problem!

    Left click: a box full of links and the name of the fund. It's back to how it was before the problem. Problem fixed. Thank you!
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