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Mutual fund early redemption penalty at TD Ameritrade and other brokerages



  • >> My account is seven figures to the better than had I simply put it in an S&P index fund or scattered my monies among a 1001 funds for diversification purposes

    so you made an extra million over $76k from outside-the-box decisionmaking

    No, made over a million plus more than what my return would have been had I put the money in an S&P index fund and then stayed the course.

  • what I was trying to express

    so you beat the market just ginormously

    you should be in business
  • msf
    edited August 2018
    Junkster said:

    So basically $100 total to buy and sell a transaction fee fund. I simply said I was paying $17 to sell and $17 to buy and then you said I was getting the short end of the stick. I couldn’t understand your logic of how I was getting the short end of the stick.

    The way I misread your writing, I thought the $17 was a short term redemption fee, not the total fee. My error.

    It seems like you're not merely getting grandfathered rates which would have added Scottrade's $49 short term redemption fee to the $17 TF, but the better of TDA's rates and Scottrade's rates. Not the short end of the stick at all!
    Fee          Scottrade  TDA   Your rate
    TF buy $49 $17 $17
    TF sell $49 $17 $17
    Short term fee $0 $49 $0
    (for TF funds)
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