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M*: 3 Small Caps For Some Oomph: Text & Video Presentation

FYI: Joining me to share some favorite small-cap actively managed stock funds is Russ Kinnel. He's Morningstar's director of manager research. Russ, thank you so much for being here.


  • M* seems infatuated with value funds. They have given a fair amount of coverage to the LSV family of funds, more coverage than the results warrant IMO. LSVEX (large), HIMVX (mid) and LSVQX (small) are all run my the same group of academic value quants located not too far from M*'s Chicago offices. I just don't see awarding these three funds "silver" ratings. M* has slobbered over Oakmark, also a "homey," for years while astute MF investors on this board have fled the funds.
  • I used to own MSCFX. It went south, lost its "moxie." Maybe more accurately, it could never keep up the overheated pace it started out with, out of the gate. But it didn't just cool, it faltered for a time, way down compared to peers in terms of performance. I sold and put it all in its older sister-fund, MAPOX. I'd still recommend that one. Same category as our favorite, PRWCX. But while consolidating very deliberately, I sold MAPOX and went with PRWCX exclusively, in that category.
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