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Bond funds....crazy time yields we know more....(lip)

edited April 2011 in Off-Topic

All of my insider (way back in "DeepThroat" of the Watergate show) contacts are out of the country:):):) So, I have been digging to try to figure what in the heck has been in place since last week and the continued Treasury yield moves and how this related to anything else in the world.
NOW, we have a bit more info.
My note to D.C., as usual; will be a "THANK YOU" to the high and mighty and that they still rush and tear about dangerously attempting to "think" and after the legal staffers at congress are done with all the fancy words of meaning; the end results, too many times, is that; "they don't know that they don't know".

And silly me, to think there may be something more than congressional laws of the "cranial/rectal" inversion status.
Ya don't have to remind me to not let many of these folks onto the same roads I drive in my area ! Silly me again.........they don't drive cars...the folks hired with our tax dollars drive their cars.
I think I need to take a walk outside in the cool MI air.



  • "Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help..."

    Well catch, it's surely true that often the government's "help" simply sets up more problems. But Dodd-Frank didn't just "come out of nowhere", either. Don't forget what "the boys in the back room" on Wall Street did to us, which was the real impetus for Dodd-Frank. Maybe if human beings were a little more willing to control their greed and self interest we wouldn't need as much "government help".
  • Spot on Old Joe. the difference between civilization and anarchy is good government, now if we could just get the "good" figured out. For what its worth.
  • edited April 2011
    On second thought, no comment...
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