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Note to Brad re Firefox-

edited April 2011 in Technical Questions
Hi Brad, and thanks for all of your work on the new site.

Firefox evidently won't complete a sign-on if it's set to disallow all cookies, which is my normal preference. Now set to "ask every time", it seems to be working OK.

Old Joe / San Francisco


  • Old Joe,

    Cookies are definitely required to operate this board with an account. It is how sessions are kept track of on this site, and most others. I assure you that there is no harm in allowing them here.

  • Old_joe,

    Anywhere that requires a login typically requires a cookie. Too many things on the net break without accepting cookies. At least accept cookies from the originating site and reject 3rd party cookies. I accept them all, but flush the cookies every now and then.
  • Yes sir, you are quite right, and that's exactly how I've been doing it up until a few weeks ago. Then just for the hell of it I tried the default of not accepting any cookies, and to my surprise all of my mutual funds and banking sites bought it, so I just left it"off".

    Absolutely not a problem, just another interesting internet browsing artifact.

    Thanks- OJ
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