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Wealthtrack - Weekly Investment Show - with Consuelo Mack

edited December 2019 in Fund Discussions
One of Ted's weekly links that I regularly open is Wealthtrack with Consuelo Mack.

Bookmark this link if you also like these weekly interviews.


  • beebee
    edited December 2019
    Some recent Shows:
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  • December 13th Show:

  • December 20th Show:

  • @bee, Thank you. Matthew McLennan and Ed Hyman's interview was particularly informative. McLennan's First Eagle Global fund, SGIIX, is doing well this year with YTD return 19.8% while holding 14% cash.
  • This thread illustrates the diversity of thought of guests appearing on this program. I look forward to the annual visit from Matthew McLennan and Ed Hymann because it is loaded with worthwhile information about the economy and markets. The prior show entitled "Failing Retirement" made some good points (especially by Teresa Ghilarducci but I certainly didn't agree with Jamie Hopkins's recommendation of "Fixed indexed annuities" for ones fixed income allocation (due to the outrageous fees generally associated with the product). And having David Rosenberg the weeks before served as a good counterbalance to the generally bullish views of McLennan and Hymann.
    I like the show but find it a little creepy that the show's sponsors are often associated with guests who appear on the shows. I don't think Lewis Rukeyser's show ever took money from companies represented by panelists or guests, and in my view this gave the program "Wall Street Week" more credibility which will probably be unmatched in my lifetime.
  • December 27th Program - Part 2

  • January 10th

  • January 17th

  • Janurary 24, 2020

  • Thanks for the link bee.
  • @bee. Thank you. Look like I got homework for the weekend.
  • beebee
    edited February 8
    February 7th Episode:

  • Feb 14th Episode:

  • Just like anything else you read here and elsewhere. Got to do your homework and ascertain whether the data make sense.

    Rupal Bhansali's Arial International fund is fair on its 3 and 5 year track record. FMI International is better choice with respect to return and risk. I look for consistency, low downside risk, and reasonable ER. Alex Umansky manages 5 Barons funds. Not one of my favorite fund family.
  • Feb 21, 2020 Episode:

    Fidelity Study Link:
  • March 7, 2020:

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