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BlackRock C.E.O. Larry Fink: Climate Crisis Will Reshape Finance

By Andrew Ross Sorkin at the NY Times. Jan. 14, 2020.

"Laurence D. Fink, the founder and chief executive of BlackRock, announced Tuesday that his firm would make investment decisions with environmental sustainability as a core goal.

BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager with nearly $7 trillion in investments, and this move will fundamentally shift its investing policy — and could reshape how corporate America does business and put pressure on other large money managers to follow suit."

Article Here


  • This is really big news if BlackRock follows through. But that is the question: Will BlackRock follow through?
  • I believe they will Lewis because that's the way the world is moving. Progress might be slow and measured but I think we might be shocked by the investing landscape 10 years from now compared to today. Just in energy related issues alone we'll see more alt-energy adopted, batteries, electric vehicles even if just hybrid types and the list goes on. Changes are coming, at least I hope so.
  • If you consider the insurance industry to be part of the finance world then the environment is already making a significant mark. Good luck in obtaining homeowner insurance in major sections of California.
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