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  • Howdy,

    Teehehe. You folks watch SNL? Nightly News suggested that Don, Joe and Bernie all have to get on the Princess and whomever survives the coronavirus becomes President.

    As for the foreign exchange students, you are incorrect because of the timing of the semesters and breaks. Much more to the problem we have to watch on our campuses is bias against the foreign students particularly the Asians. Cripes, we have 5000 Chinese alone at MSU. How we react as hosts is so crucial. We can be Gander or we can be Ugly Americans.

    Our problem and that of the markets is the bloody uncertainty and folks, we can no longer look to Washington for anything. Hell, they're all bailing and headed for their bunkers (e.g. Cruz & Cheney). All their numbers are wrong. The states and universities and int'l news agencies and WHO are our only source of factual data going forward.

    The Primary is tomorrow and the candidates will have an opportunity to stop the rallies but what is so curious is waiting to see if Trump has another rally. I don't think he has the balls.

    and so it goes,


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