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  • From the Department of Redundancy Department? ;) I know there are developed countries in Asia. Quite a few are still EM, yes. And Asia is all that fits inside of Matthews' frame, anyhow.
  • Maybe they want to go beyond Asia? Here is from their prospectus: Emerging market countries generally include every country in the world except the United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and most of the countries in Western Europe.... Matthews invests primarily in the Asia Pacific region... Matthews also invests in emerging countries and markets outside the Asia Pacific region...
  • +1. If they're expanding geographically, that would be news.
  • Matthews Asia offers a range of Asian-focused funds. It appears that the company has prioritized asset accumulation since they currently have 17 different strategies. How will this proliferation of funds benefit Matthews Asia investors?

    P.S. - I've previously owned Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund and Matthews Asia Dividend Fund.
  • @Observant1 I had the same thought...
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