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A.R. Sorkin's "Too Big To Fail."

edited March 5 in The OT Bullpen
I'm just into p.55 or so. This fellow is currently an early-morning guy on CNBC's pre-Market show. And probably doing other stuff, too.

I find the book to be absorbing. Sorkin offers some nifty little anecdotal tid-bits that can make me giggle. But he keeps his eye on the ball. This book was published around 2009, immediately post-Financial Crash. I've only lately learned of it. I never have chased any best-seller lists.

This book would surely be included in the same category or genre as "The Big Short." I will also say that "Too Big To Fail" gives personality and character and meat and bones to the protagonists, back then--- the ones whose names were always in the news, whether from gov't or the private sector. NO ONE should be making the kind of money that those guys made/make. But the whole picture is de rigueur to all of them, and that's not the point of the book, anyhow.

It is well worth your time. I've a long way to go before I finish it. Yet already, I have a much more favorable view of Hank Paulsen. The focus right now, in the chapter I'm in the middle of, is Tim Geitner. The whole "cast of characters" is explicitly listed at the front, before the reader gets to even begin to start reading.
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