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Reallocation the easy way. I'm being facetious.

edited March 7 in Off-Topic
When my bond proportion rises just 2% more, I'll have reached my 60% goal. I'd actually not like for it to happen the way it's currently happening. Folks who still own mostly equities are feeling it, no doubt. I made big changes back in early 2019. Glad of it, now. I go up along with a rising market--- just not as much. And we were sitting pretty and could comfortably REMOVE a big chunk for a car down-payment in January.
My advice: marry a much younger woman, and share the bills with extended family, in retirement. (It helps a lot to have palm trees all around, too.)

My biggest is still PRWCX. YTD -3.11
Worst two, YTD: VEIRX -9.88 and PRDSX -9.45


  • I dipped a toe into PRWCX before it closed. And I may buy more. But not yet.

    So far, it is holding up better than VWELX, though the race got tighter this week.
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