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An Investor’s Guide to Income Funds (investing 101 refresher)

edited March 8 in Fund Discussions

An Investor’s Guide to Income Funds

Investing in the stock market involves two main objectives: growth and income. Growth investments can increase in value over time. Income investments can put money into your pocket consistently. An income fund is one way to cash in on the benefits of income investing in a simplified way.

Municipal bonds
Corporate bonds
Junk bonds
International bonds

Income funds can serve a distinct purpose inside a portfolio. As a result, there are several good reasons to include them as part of your retirement strategy. Take time to research different income funds. That can help you decide which of those funds may best meet your investment goals.


  • As usual, they hardly ever discuss one of the best options...Multi sector bond funds.
    The following are paying over 4% SEMMX,JMSIX,IOFIX,VCFAX,
    FI CEFs such as PCI pay over 8% with better performance than SPY and others + volatility=SD is better too.

    MLP? no thanks.

    See a (chart) of SPY,MLPA,PCI
  • Thanks @FD1000: It is nice to have a fixed income person on the board. Your comments are much appreciated. Old_Skeet
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