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BRUFX Bruce Fund

Their webpage is worthless. I'm just window-shopping. What's the minimum, to get in? Thanks.


  • edited March 9
    It's 1K, but you have to purchase direct. Thanks for reminding me. This has been on my shopping list for a while. I'm going to track it now. It's holding up really well.
  • I've owned it for several years. Made some money on it; web site is boring and cheesy.
  • Thanks so much, both of you. The minimum is only $1,000.00? Jeez. Shares cost $566.64 tonight!
  • Like VLAAX, I don't think you can go wrong with both up and down markets. It is my sole investment for my HSA and I like the simplicity of their website. Not for everyone, but over the long term its one of my keepers.
  • @bee Still not actually IN VLAAX yet. It may never happen. The paperwork seems to have landed in the Twilight Zone. I'm researching alternatives. And at this point, we can afford to wait for the Market to recover. I must keep an eye on that old 403b, though. Lots of firms charge a fee just for holding your money, if you're not still an active employee. That one (VEIRX) is by now, down -17% YTD. BRUFX is, as Vintage Freak mentioned, "holding up well." VLAAX is still UP by a fraction for 2020. Cripes. I just love paying for other people's screw-ups.
  • @Crash I see VLAAX at -4.39% YTD, which includes Mar. 9....a -4.47% or so for the day.
    I suspect you read a number from March 6.
  • @catch22 I'm sure you're correct. Morningstar page= old news, often.
  • Years ago I looked at brufx, didn't buy. I liked it because it still had under a $billion assets and had a high level of ownership by the fund managers and owners. Check those attributes, not too many funds with them.
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