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Gold suffered worst wk

Gold bug not going well at least recently

Nothing works well now


  • Next week there will be runs on the banks!
  • Maybe try using gold bullion to buy toilet paper? Jeez, if that don't work I'm out of ideas...
  • Hi john,

    Hope you're doing well.

    Lot's of things going on in the pm arena at this moment. The POG and POS got hammered to raise cash for both margin calls made worse by some funds being illiquid due to shale oil toilet paper debt. They are selling paper gold and silver as compared to physical gold and silver. Big difference.

    This selling of paper gold has driven the price below what the market considers fair. It's a classic artificial price control market reaction. Supply is drying up while premiums are skyrocketing. Oh and my local dealer is experiencing huge demand.

    Another curious point is that gold is at an all time high as expressed in every other currency in the world. It's only down in terms of the dollar.

    Go figure. BTW, I like 'hockey pucks'.

    and so it goes,

    peace and Flatten the Curve,

  • edited March 14
    Hi sir one large roll toilet paper or one large purell hand sanitizer =1 ounce gold by week_end
  • @johnN- Wouldn't be surprised! :)
  • edited March 14

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