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Covid-19/supplies -he has 177000 hand sensitized but no where to sell them


  • I just love karma.
  • Scumbag. Karma is right!

    He's right up there with GenZ-ish 'Corona Katie' who's running for some elected position out west. Tweeted last night that she was at a crowded Red Robin, ate dinner very slowly, it was good food, and that she "was an American and could do what she wanted." (ie, going out versus social distancing)
  • With that mindset and elevated forms of ignorance and egotism I sit here with fingers crossed hoping for the expected positive (but not nice) outcome for her only. I feel sorry for her listeners and constituents who are exposed to such rampant stupidity and buy into it.
  • edited March 15
    only in this kneejerk-rebel country enshrining immaturity do people go party en masse in response to near-orders not to do so

    probable terror just starting:
  • I'm glad that Amazon and Ebay have taken steps to prevent price gouging. It's a shame that the supplies hoarded by the selfish people profiled in the article could be put to much better use in preventing the spread of coronavirus.
  • All gone. Donated: 2/3 to a local church, 1/3 to Tennessee attorney general's office.
  • Interesting situation. This fellow essentially mirrored exactly the play that Enron and the Koch brothers made when they cut off the critical supply of electricity to California back in 2000. But if you're an ardent libertarian, it's all totally legit, and part of the game.
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