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Traveling about Europe and Covid-19

I received this blog post today from friends of mine who are currently living and traveling about Europe in an RV/Motorhome. They did this for several years in the US prior to moving to France last year ago or so. For those of you who have been feeling overwhelmed or confused by all the articles and advice out there I hope this brings some simple clarity to the issues of how quickly the virus spreads and how we can all help to slow it down. Caution - the authors are science and data-driven people

"WheelingIt" on COVID-19


  • @Mark Thanks. Great perspectives and advise.....
  • Very well and professionally written and organized. Well done- thanks!
  • This was a very well-written and informational article. Thanks for sharing!
  • Since some showed interest in my earlier post I thought I'd share todays update.

    France Under Quarantine
  • Appreciate that, Mark. They seem like real nice folks.
  • Mark, thanks.

  • Très cool, @Mark. One of my adult daughters is an au pair in Paris hunkered down with two working parents and two boys, 7 and 4. I have a picture of one of the self-signed forms each citoyen has to fill out before venturing outdoors. Incredibly French. Fortunately the family has a large apartment and lives a comfortable walk from the Bois de Boulogne, a huge park that has not been shut off to walkers and joggers. I’ll forward her the link to the hugely professional posts of the American couple now near Toulouse. Grand merci!
  • Howdy Mark,

    Nice article. Glad the President has us all going back to work in 13 days. We won't have to see the 500,000 dead Americans.

    Flatten the Curve

    and take care,

    "keep your asses low and your flak jackets close"

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