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Which fund in your portfolio performed best on Tuesday ?

edited March 18 in Fund Discussions
Hard to believe but GASFX lead the way with over a 10 % jump! Maybe that was due to 33 % drop !!! Yikes .....


  • Vanguard's utility index (VUIAX) jumped 13.17 in my taxable portfolio. My broker no longer makes it available for less than the minimum.

    USAA's precious metals fund (USAGX) led my IRA at 12.07. That's pretty much a break-the-glass fund. If I never make my money back on that sliver it will be just as well for the rest of the portfolio.

    Fidelity's telcom and utility fund (FIUIX) led my wife's IRA at 9.92.

    I had GASFX in my IRA. And I look forward to harvesting a loss in my taxable sometime soon. I think I got into that too late. The scarcity cat is out of the bag.
  • edited March 18
    VEIRX +6.68%. Vanguard Equity Income.
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