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Trump Administration Asks States Not to Release Latest Jobless Numbers

edited March 20 in Off-Topic
The Trump administration wants state labor officials to keep quiet about the exact unemployment numbers as they seek to keep the stock market from plunging further. An email, obtained Thursday by the New York Times, told state labor officials to "provide information using generalities to describe claims levels (very high, large increase)." The department said it would release the number next Thursday."States should not provide numeric values to the public," Gay Gilbert, the administrator of the department’s Office of Employment Insurance, said in the email.


  • Honestly are these folks even for real? How sad and pathetic this image maintenance business is. Who do they think they will be fooling? UNREAL
  • Munchin walked back on his suggestion of potential 20% unemployment a day after he talked to CNN. For once, he was being factual and that makes his boss look bad!

    During 2008 the height of unemployment was about 10%. The rate of unemployment increase this week is simply shocking. I am not an economist, but I can envision the current 3% unemployment figure can move toward a double-digit direction quickly this year.
  • edited March 20
    Because when in doubt, stick your head in the sand! How can any state get the appropriate economic aid for its citizens without those numbers, and how can citizens and local charities, food banks, etc. prepare without them? This guy just can't stand looking bad. With no numbers, he'll just say everything is fine.

  • ... not that the upcoming election has anything to do with it, right?
  • edited March 20
    The Orange Abortion is a sad, pathetic specimen. Last week's spooge. He needs (HAS needed!) to be corraled and confined to his play-pen, where he can do no further harm. Donald the Orange Abortion is the PERFECT illustration for killing the Electoral College. "From the sublime to the ridiculous?" We are SO FAR BEYOND even "ridiculous." I'm out of words. My disgust is total.
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